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Next Level Leaders with Dr. Joseph Walker, III

Mar 3, 2020

March is Women’s month! Next Level Leaders understand the value of dynamic women in leadership. This month, we are featuring “Winning women” and highlighting their stories.  We recognize the unique obstacles facing women who lead, while also recognizing how women have overcome those obstacles by reshaping narratives and understanding what is possible when faith meets determination. These women pursue dreams, understand collaboration and bring unique perspectives to the boardroom, speaking up for others who are underrepresented.

Featured in this episode is next level leader Dr. Andrea Willis, physician, author, the Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN. Dr. Joseph and Dr. Willis discuss the value of humble beginnings and the work ethic it produces. Dr. Willis credits her work ethic from learning to raise pigs from her grandfather in Athens, GA. She discusses her rise to become one of the youngest African American Deputy Commissioners of Health, where she was able to help solve public health issues plaguing Tennesseans. Dr. Willis describes the catalyst behind her book ‘When Ministry Meets Medicine, a Modern motivational journal for Holistic Wellness.” In this book, Willis brings both health and faith into the conversation to give us an understanding of how the disciplines relate to each other in modern times.  Be sure to click here to get your copy today.