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Next Level Leaders with Dr. Joseph Walker, III

Feb 4, 2020

Next Level Leaders understand the importance of establishing relationships and boundaries. Good leaders understand the importance of having a life partner with drive, to share the
mission. This shared mission brings leaders together for a larger purpose that’s always greater than the individual. Dr. Joseph understands this, which is why his beautiful wife, Dr. Stephaine, joins the conversation. Together, they take an honest look into relationships with the goal of “progress not perfection.” Next Level Leaders are not normal. We’re different and equipped
with perspectives that most won’t understand. We don’t just wake up and float. We plan and are intentional with priorities. Dr. Stephaine explains that when you work hard at this level, we earn a chance to play at this level too! Join this ‘Couple of Destiny’ as they give practical advice on how to manage busy work schedules, family and faith.